Crafting is a HOOT!

Welcome to Crafty Owls!

I don't know about you but we spend WAY to much time thinking, reading, and raving about cute crafts we want to make but never stop to do it!  So without much hesitation we decided what better to motivate us then getting some ladies together and making it happen?


Here is how it works. 

  • Check the Events tab and pick a date and craft that looks good to you.
  • Head over to the links page to get more information on a particular craft.
  • Click the Reserve your spot tab and tell us your in.
  • Tell your sweetie he is in charge of himself/kids and/or animals
  • Head on over to craft!

 What to expect:


When you arrive you will have a station set up just for you.  All your craft supplies will be provided.  You do not need to bring a thing!  Detailed instructions will accompany each craft.  Most importantly, there will be crafting snacks (sugar and salt) and some beverages (wine, coffee, tea, water) to keep you up. 


Where it is located:


To start, all of the events will be held at our homes.  If we get big and start a crafing revolution, well... we can cross that bridge then :)


Happy Crafting!

♥Elizabeth & Kelly